ABOUT US - Our journey so far ...

Vicki is a registered childminder and when her son Jack started Reception at Hunts Grove Primary Academy in September 2019, she would collect children from school.  In response to the growing demand for her service, Vicki hired a classroom to provide Ofsted registered childcare in form of an after-school and breakfast club.  Vicki named her company Kiki's Kidz taking inspiration from how very young children pronounced "Vicki" as "Kiki". 

With Jack's brother Joe in Pre-School, their baby sister's arrival into the world, and the challenges the pandemic has had on business, Vicki has had quite a bit on her plate!  Fortunately, Team Kiki's bring both a helping hand and a welcoming blend of skills and experience that facilitates quality childcare and promotes Kiki's Kidz vision for the future.  

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TEAM KIKI's - Meet our Playworkers


Vicki - Owner

Qualifications - Degree in Childcare and Education.
Experience - 17 years working with children, mother of three young children. 
Enjoys - Working with children, being a crucial part of children's happiness, and helping them to succeed, grow and develop.
Least Favourite Things - Mess and untidiness!
Kiki's Favourite Moments -  Observing how creative the children get and how passionate they are with their sports.


Kevin - Deputy Manager

Qualifications - Edexcel Level 3 Diploma in Early Learning and Childcare.
Experience -  10 years working with children, father of three.
Enjoys - Moto GP, touring on a motorbike, Valentino Rossi.
Least Favourite Things - Bad manners.
Kiki's Favourite Moments - Seeing older children caring for younger children.

Jill - Playworker

Qualifications - CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Home-based Childcare.
Experience - 20+ years working with children, mother of two.
Enjoys - Walks in the woods, gardening, and nature.
Least Favourite Things - Littering
Kiki's Favourite Moments - Putting training and skills to good effect and seeing how it benefits the club.  Seeing children enjoy themselves.


Yan - Manager

Qualifications - Degree in Leisure with Business Management, CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Playwork, CWDC Level 6 Playwork Leadership Award
Experience -  30 years working with children, leisure facility management, father of three teenagers.
Enjoys - Family camping holidays, watching/playing sport, PC games.
Least Favourite Things - Bad manners /rudeness.
Kiki's Favourite Moment - Children enjoying sport and physical play.

Sam - Playworker

Qualifications - Psychology degree, CPD qualifications related to childcare.
Experience - Coaching children in hockey and football.
Enjoys - Playing and watching sport especially hockey, gaming.
Least Favourite Things - Negative behaviour and inequality.
Kiki's Favourite Moments - Joining the team and meeting the children, looking forward to the summer playscheme. 

Skills, Qualifications, and Experience 
Our team has a rich blend of skills, qualifications, and experience which exceeds the statutory requirements of our registration with Ofsted.  These include safeguarding (child protection), paediatric first aid, risk assessment, fire safety, equality of opportunity, food hygiene.