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AFTER SCHOOL CLUB - Time for some end-of-day fun!

After School Club starts when school finishes from 14.50. On arrival the children are encouraged to be independent and serve themselves snack from a selection of options.

Snack - We offer different healthy options for the children to                                                    choose from which include a choice of fruit and a
              savoury option such as, toast, sandwich, bagels and 
              crumpets. Drinks are available throughout the 
              whole day.

                                              Once snack is finished the children have access to                                                      free flow around the club which includes inside and                                                    outside activity's. Inside the children have access to                                                    arts and crafts, roleplay, construction and the story                                                    book corner. 

             When outside the children usually have the use of                                                       the playground and the sports field. Popular activity's                                                 include football and other sports. There is a variety of                                                 different equipment for the children to use. The                                                           children enjoy making obstacle courses, creating                                                         shows as groups to perform to an audience while                                                       using school tyres as seating or to hide in.                                                                     All a lot of fun..... 

 Around 17.15 the children are taken inside to have some chill time before being collected from parents or family. The official close time of the club is 18.00 but children can be collected at anytime during this session. 


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