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BREAKFAST CLUB - Before school begins...

Breakfast Club start time 07.45am. Children can arrive anytime after this time. We encourage all children to eat breakfast and to be independent by serving themselves with toast or a selection of cereals.

Toast - We have a several toppings for the children to
             enjoy these include Jam, Honey and Marmite.
Cereals - Our selection of cereals include, Weetabix,
             Cheerio's, Shredded Wheat and Cornflakes.

On Occasions we have special treats for breakfast too!!!

                                              Once the children have finished eating they have                                                          access to all the fun activities in the room. We have                                                      construction resources, board games and role play                                                      areas to include a few of the options available. At                                                        08.00 - 08.30 weather permitting, we let the kids get                                                 some fresh air outside for a quick run around. 
                                             After the children have been outside there is a quick                                                   tidy up period ready for the children to start the school                                               day from 08.40. 


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