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FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions

If your question remains unanswered please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

Summer Holiday Playscheme

Q) Who is the Playscheme for?
A) The playscheme is open for children between Reception and Year 6 leavers - children born between 1st Sep 2011 and 31st Aug 2017.  It is open for children who attend Hunts Grove Primary Academy and others who live in the local vicinity.  

Q) What activities are on offer?
A) The playscheme has themed "play days" with a focus on sport and physical play activities.  Details can be found here.  

Our priority is to offer the activities as published.  Activities offered on any given day may be amended to be compatible with inclement weather conditions or to promote opportunities for meeting play cues expressed by children.

Q) How is the day structured?
A) In a day full of activities, it is important that children take time out to rest and refuel.  Below is our typical daily routine.

   8.15 am to 9.30 am – Early drop off – FREE service for working parents – children supervised in quiet, restful activities.

   9.30 am – “Be Safe Have Fun Golden Rules” briefing – children welcomed, and safety & wellbeing is covered.

   9.40 am to 11 am – Themed activities begin starting with a short warm-up session involving tag and running based games.

   11 am to 11.30 am – Morning break – drink, biscuit/fruit, rest.

   11.30 am to 12.30 pm – Themed activities.

   12.30 pm to 1.30 pm – Lunch break, quiet, restful activities.

   1.30 pm to 3.00 pm – Themed activities.

   3.00 pm to 3.30 pm – Afternoon break – drink, biscuit/fruit, rest.

   3.30 pm to 4.15 pm – Final themed activities session and tidy up time!

   4.15 pm – End of the day, themed activities finish, children collected.

   4.15 pm to 5.45 pm – Late collection – FREE service for working parents – children supervised in quiet, restful activities.

Q) Is the early drop-off and late pick-up really FREE?
A) Yes, "free", "included", "no extra charge" - however it is described, this service is to enable working parents/carers to get to and from work.  The day starts at 9.30 am and finishes at 4.15 pm.  Early drop off- is from 8.15 am and late pick-up is up to 5.45 pm.  During these periods children will be supervised in activities of a quiet and restful nature (colouring, reading etc).  Early drop-off and late pick-up are not times when children will be able to undertake the themed activities planned for the day.  

You do not need to inform us in advance if you require this service.  You can drop off anytime between 8.15 am and 9.30 am and collect your child anytime between 4.15 pm and 5.45 pm.  

Q) What are the security arrangements for drop-off and collection?
A) We operate out of Hunts Grove Primary Academy school premises.  Unauthorised persons are not permitted on-site during club opening hours.  The door entry system ensures that only access into the premises is available to authorised personnel through use of their entry card.  The premises are protected with a comprehensive CCTV system. 

Dropping off - parents/carers can either a) press the "kikis's Kidz" doorbell in reception or b) call the club phone (07565 546611).  Either way, Kiki's Kidz will be alerted to your arrival and a member of staff will meet you and your child at reception for handover.

Collection - like above, parents/carers can either use the doorbell or call the club phone.  Before releasing your child, we will ask for the security password that was provided to us on the Registration Form unless the adult is clearly recognised by a member of staff as authorised to collect.  Please ensure, therefore, all persons you have authorised to collect your child know this password.  

In the event that the person collecting is unable to provide the password, the child will not be released and will remain inside the premises.  The Manager will take lead,  ensuring security is upheld whilst taking action to cross-reference the identity of the person collecting with the parent/carer on the Registration Form.

Note: Authorised persons may be concerned about others in earshot whilst providing the password.  If so, then the person collecting can request to write it down in front of the member of staff.  Passwords can only be changed by the parent/carer (with legal parental responsibility) who completed the Registration Form.    

Q) Can I drop off my child late (after 9.30 am) and pick them up early (before 4.15 pm)? 
A) We ask all parents to respect the correct start and finishing time for the playscheme.  We do not encourage parents to drop off or collect their children outside of the correct times.  The day starts promptly at 9.30 am and ends at 4.15 pm.  Working parents/carers are welcome to use the early drop-off and late pick-up service as explained above.

Dropping off punctually (before 9.30 am) and collecting at the correct time (after 4.15 pm) means:
Children will not miss the important "Be safe, have fun" briefing
​Children's individual and group play will not be interrupted
A member of our team will not be diverted away from the children
Security is promoted

If your child has a valid reason to arrive late / leave early (doctors/dentist) then you will need to inform us of this fact in advance (not on the day).   


Q) How do I make a booking?
A) Kikis Kidz Holiday Playscheme is not an open-access scheme - places must be booked and paid for in advance:

1 – Fully complete and return a Booking Form and Registration Form

These are both available to download HERE
Available also on request for those without internet/printer access

Return forms to: Kiki’s Kidz Ltd. Hunts Grove Primary Academy, Harrier Way, Hunts Grove, Hardwicke, Gloucester, GL2 4EP

Completed forms can also be returned to

2 – An invoice will be emailed to you with details for BACS payment to Kiki’s Kidz Ltd. Please note that Kiki’s Kidz also accepts Childcare Vouchers as a method of payment. 

3 – After payment has been received an email will be sent confirming your booking.

Q) What should my child bring each day?

  • Comfortable clothes and trainers ready for sporty action. 

  • Named sun protection cream and hat.  Please ensure sun protection cream is applied to your children prior to arrival.  Playworkers can supervise ‘top-ups’ if consent has been granted on your Registration Form.

  • Lunch box suitable for refrigeration. 

  • Drinking water and squash are provided throughout the day.  Children are welcome to bring a named drinks bottle.

  • An old T-shirt on days where arts & crafts feature.

  • Plenty of smiles and enthusiasm to have a go at the sports and play activities on offer. 

Please do NOT bring:

  • Your best gear – your favourite and best clothes may not like playing indoors & out, arts & crafts and sporty action.

  • Toys from home – coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols.

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